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In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, recognising the importance of prioritising employee health and wellbeing is pivotal for unleashing untapped potential and ensuring a vibrant, productive workforce.

Drawing upon my extensive 30-year corporate experience, and now as a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, I present organisations with a personalised and customised approach to employee wellbeing programs.

By empowering your employees with practical and easy-to-use tools to promote their optimal health, your organisation stands to gain from reduced absenteeism, enhanced productivity, and increased employee satisfaction.

Kristina Ericsson Richards

Corporate Wellbeing Services

Tailored to Your Organisation’s Needs, Available In-Person or Online

Talks and Workshops

Provide your employees with the knowledge and skills to make healthier food choices. Covering the principles of balanced nutrition, these sessions offer practical tips for busy professionals to seamlessly integrate wellness into their daily routines.

You can choose the topic or allow me to suggest what would best benefit your employees.

Topics may include Nutrition to Boost Mood, Eating for Energy to Avoid the Mid-Afternoon Slump, and Strategies for Beating Burnout.

Pop-up Clinics

Conduct individual employee consultations in a confidential setting to review their current nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Together, we identify specific challenges and design a personalised action plan, blending nutritional strategies and lifestyle interventions tailored to the employee’s personal health goals.

Group Health Coaching

Leveraging various coaching tools, we guide employees towards a healthier diet and lifestyle.

These group sessions not only foster the development of sustainable lifestyle habits promoting overall wellbeing, resilience, and a positive mindset but also enhance team dynamics, bringing the team closer together for a more cohesive working environment.

Blogs or Intranet Content

Offer insightful blog or intranet content covering a variety of wellbeing topics.

These resources serve as valuable information hubs for your employees, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

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