Client results and kind words

1:1 Client Testimonials

Kristina listened to and heard my dietary issues and provided me with realistic plans and supplements to help me improve the issues I reached out to her with. I very much enjoyed the sessions with Kristina and found her suggestions to be relevant and have therefore helped me make the changes I wanted to make to my diet start to achieve the results I was looking for. Thank you so much.
The upbeat but focused approach put me at ease and made me feel confident about making changes.


Results: More muscle definition, fewer bouts of fatigue, improved eating habits. Generally improved sleep

Kristina listens well, considerate , thoughtful and respectful, there is no judgement and tailors the plan to fit in with my lifestyle , has been my cheerleader and checks in regularly to see how I am getting along the plan .
Enjoyed all, the consultations, the plan was written well and explained, ideas to support the plan and links to music, books , recipes, knowledge on vitamins and supplements on how it works in the body , the timing of the consultation worked for me and gave me space to get on with my plan.


Results: Improved sleep and improved energy levels. No weight gain and improvement seem in some weight loss

Kristina helped me a lot with this programme – lifestyle changes and a tailored nutrition plan that have really improved my overall health. Thank you so much!
Nutrition hacks – in particular smoothies!
Educational element to help better understand Crohn’s was really useful


Results: Improved energy levels, Better digestion, Better mood

Corporate Group Coaching

During our wellbeing sessions you made me think about things I usually don’t thing about or don’t pay much attention on them cause I’m explaining myself that I’m too busy, in hurry or there are more important things to do but they really aren’t. We must take care of ourselves and our wellbeing and you definitely made me aware of that! I always felt so motivated after our meetings and hungry for more achievements. Thanks to that, I’ve started changing my life and habits! You gave me this spark and motivation to do this. Thank you so much for all of these!
Friendly atmosphere, openness, comparison of health and energy and blood sugar scores we got at the begging of the course and the end, and that you always wanted us to provide exact plan and action which we will take to achieve our goal, creating Wellness Vision.


Results: My sleeping hours are more regular, I have more time for myself, I’m more energized, I’ve limited eating sweets and I’m trying to eat healthier. I started to organize our daily family routine differently to enjoy time we spend together and to make it valuable.

Kristina really helped me on my weight loss journey, with thought provoking sessions that made me realise and understand my motivations for wanting to lose weight and become a healthier person.
Doing the sessions as a group was beneficial, interesting, and thought provoking that gave a sense of camaraderie.


Results: Significant weight loss

After working with Kristina for a few weeks I have gained insight into the reasons for my unhealthy habits and the impact that they have on my health and energy levels. I now have a clear vision of my health goals and some tools to help me to develop better habits. I am starting to be more active and lose weight, even with the odd treat, and I am a happier person as a result. I definitely feel like I have taken the first steps towards improved long term health
Being open and honest with somebody else about my self-sabotage habits has meant that I have actually been honest with myself
Being challenged by tough, soul searching questions to get at the root of my issues. That is hard to do in front of colleagues, but has been beneficial both for me, and for some of them to listen to.


Results: I now have a better understanding of the impact of starchy carbs and sugar on my cravings and energy levels. I’ve started to realise how much better I feel when I control my food better, and I am finding my motivation to make the changes I need to improve my health. It is early days, but I already feel more energised and have started to lose weight

Kristina provides the structure and the right questions to make you think about your own heath and wellbeing. It helped me focus on the areas I want to improve and at the end of the course I had made significant changes reflected in my health and energy scores.
Being able to talk about things, saying things I was not expecting to hear but realising that they were right.


Results: More energy, Happier, More focussed

Say goodbye to weight gain, poor sleep, aching joints and brain fog and say hello to a vibrant and sparkling you. Using my nutrition knowledge, let us find the food choices that puts you back in control of your life.

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