Hi, I'm Kristina Ericsson Richards and I am your midlife champion. I help you to navigate this time of your life without sacrificing what you want even if you feel you have tried everything so far.
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My mission is to help my clients just like you to feel confident and vibrant at this stage of their life.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix or standard blueprint but the right programme with diet and lifestyle modifications tailored to you will give results.

Using a whole-body approach, we collaborate to develop simple, positive, and achievable changes to get you feeling in harmony with your body and mind. I am by your side to give you personal support every step of the way. Life is too short to put up with with not feeling your best.

You too can feel fabulous in midlife and beyond.

I was born in Sweden and have lived throughout Europe before settling in the UK with my husband and two children in Southwest London. 

I spent most of my working career in the hospitality industry, both in hotel property and corporate roles. The hours were long with early starts and late finishes and little time for prioritising my own health and wellbeing. As I approached midlife things started to change and I could no longer cope with the stress I was putting my body under.  I was tired, sluggish, and my psoriasis flared up. I gained weight around my middle and none of my usual tactics could shift it. Night sweats, racing thoughts and a non-existent libido did nothing to make me feel good about myself.

Food and cooking has been a part of my life from a young age, and I have always been curious about how what we eat can impact on our wellbeing. I started to notice that changes that I made to my diet and lifestyle started to improve my symptoms. I wanted to find out more to help solve my own midlife challenges.

So I decided to go back to studying and retrain as a Nutritional Therapist. I completed 3.5 years of rigorous training at the highly regarded Institute for Optimum Nutrition where I qualified with distinction. I have also trained in health coaching to help with changing those habits that hold us back. Putting into practice what I have learnt, you too can feel better in midlife.

I have a professional qualification in nutritional therapy and am a member of BANT and CNHC. Additionally, I have completed a health coaching course through Zest4life.My consultations take place on Zoom in my virtual clinic room enabling me to see clients from the UK and abroad.

Kristina founder of Cloudberry nutrition sitting

Kristina Ericsson Richards

Registered Nutritional Therapist

If you are ready to prioritise yourself, I would love to be your midlife champion.

A single cloudberry growing

About Cloudberry

Cloudberries, rubus chamaemorus, a perennial herbaceous plant. They grow in the subarctic harsh moorlands and mountainous areas of Europe, Asia and North America. They are very nutritious containing very high levels of vitamin C along with high levels of zinc, magnesium, potassium, and beta carotene. Cloudberries are rich in polyphenols which have antioxidant properties and may help to protect against disease. They also have strong antimicrobial properties.
From an early childhood, cloudberries have always played a key role in my family. They were picked every year at our family cabin in Sweden and were savoured as one of the most prominent components of our Christmas meal.

To me, the Cloudberry signifies not only family time but also happiness, independence, individuality, simplicity, and energy.

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Say goodbye to weight gain, poor sleep, aching joints and brain fog and say hello to a vibrant and sparkling you. Using my nutrition knowledge, let us find the food choices that puts you back in control of your life.

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